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"At the CBC...Greg Koch blew everything out of the water with a fantastic video toast... and keynote address that was truly awesome. Greg is indeed a rock star."
Top Fermented 4/22/09

"…(I Am A Craft Brewer) is a great video, especially the first minute or so (a great viral or television commercial in itself) and was an excellent start to a solid and interactive address to the (CBC) conventioneers
BeerScribe.com 4/23/09

Spend the 4 minutes it takes to watch this video, as lover of craft beer it will give you chills.
Barley Vine 4/23/09

 The video...couldn’t be more symbolic of the amazing camradarie that exists in this industry.
Here for the Beer 4/23/09

"I just saw the "I'm a craftbrewer" video. Really well done! You should be very proud. You summed up craftbrewing perfectly! That was a joy to watch."
Andy Schwartz (Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth) 4/24/09

"That is pride in brewing. Friends, If that doesn't make you want to grab a good brew, check your pulse."
Jibeer.com 4/24/09

"...(I Am A Craft Brewer) is a rather impressive video presentation created by Stone Brewing Co.'s Greg Koch and the folks at Redtail Media."
Beer Philosopher

Beer Philosopher 4/24/09

"I don't know how many times I've watched it! Very inspiring and extremely well done. But most
important to me is the message. Thank you so much for giving such integrity and inspiration to our industry.

Tom McCormick, Executive Director, Small Brewers Assoc. 4/30/09

I got a link to an awesome, and what I feel inspirational, video off of Twitter today…
Better Beer Blog 4/24/09

Greg Koch...gave a stirring and inspiring keynote speech where he talked about how craft brewers bring something special to the table, something big brewers can’t; which is their passion and craft. At the end of his speech, he showed [I Am A Craft Brewer] and we each raised a toast at the end."
Bottoms Up 4/24/09

I was deeply honored to be a part of the four-minute “I am a craft brewer” movie, a skunkworks project of Greg Koch at Stone Brewing Company.
Sean, Fullsteam Brewery 4/24/09

is a great video - really stirs up a lot of positivity in me and pretty much brought tears to my eyes.
Beer at Joe's 4/24/09

"Hey, thanks for the video. This one hit home and we were glad to be chosen as one of the participants, Thanks again."
Yuseff Cherney, Head Brewer/Head Distiller Ballast Point Brewing Company

At BrewDog, we are a Craft Brewery. And we echo every sentiment expressed in [I Am A Craft Brewer] with unerring zeal. And we mean it with every ounce of our being.
James Watt BrewDog 4/25/09

"...my current object of total adoration is Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing. His presentation of a short film entitled 'I Am a Craft Brewer' is the single most powerful message that I have seen about artisan beer in a very long time and it has totally stolen my heart-watch it online and you will undoubtedly feel the same."
Taking the Beard Out of Beer 4/27/09

I was impressed with [I Am A Craft Brewer] and I’d really like to share it. If you love and support craft beer, this video is well worth watching.
Chris, Iron Hill Brewery 4/27/09

"Brings a tear to my eye…nice work Greg."
The Captain's Chair 4/28/09

"...It's the most inspirational 4 minutes on the Internet for beer fiends..."
Well Preserved 5/3/09